Are Memphis Subs Good? (Everything You Should Know)

Welcome to the ultimate guide about Memphis subwoofers—the bass-boosters that can make your music sound richer and deeper than ever. Even if you’re not an audiophile, you’ll still appreciate the quality of these subwoofers.

Memphis subwoofers are known for their high-quality sound and durable and stylish constructions. They offer excellent sound quality with tight, punchy bass and deep, low-end extension. They are also known for being very reliable, with many customers reporting that their memphis subs have lasted for years without any issues.

Keep reading to find out if Memphis Subwoofers are the perfect choice for your sound system.

Are Memphis Subs Good

Is Memphis Audio Good?

Memphis Audio is a well-known audio equipment manufacturer based in Tennessee. They specialize in audio equipment and have been around for more than 50 years. Their products include amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers, and a variety of other car audio components.

In terms of quality, Memphis Audio is generally considered to be good. Their products are highly rated (the company has an average rating of 4.7 on google and the products an average of 4.5 on amazon, and 4.7 on, and they offer a wide range of options to fit any budget.

The company is known for its high-quality construction, reliable performance, and excellent customer service. Additionally, their products are designed to provide excellent sound quality and are easy to install.

What You Get with Memphis Subs

Memphis subwoofers are designed to offer an unbeatable combination of quality, style, and value for money. These are manifested in the following;

Big Bass

Memphis subwoofers are designed to give you maximum bass performance with their high-performance, high-power woofers. They use advanced technology to deliver deep, powerful, and punchy bass. Their patented Elevated Frame Design maximizes air movement to help you enjoy even more profound and dynamic bass.

Quality Sound

Memphis subwoofers are engineered to deliver superior sound quality. Their subwoofers are designed with high-end components, including a large motor, to give you the best sound possible. They also use advanced technology to minimize distortion and ensure that you get crystal-clear audio.


Memphis subwoofers are known for their durability. Their subwoofers are constructed using the highest quality materials, including high-grade composites, treated aluminum cones, and advanced motor designs.


Memphis Audio subwoofers come in a variety of styles and sizes, including shallow mount, sealed, and vented enclosures. They feature a variety of technologies, including high-power amplifiers, aluminum cones, and advanced cooling systems. The subs range from 8″ to 15″ in size, and they handle power from 500 watts to 3,000 watts RMS.

Value For Money

Memphis Audio subwoofers offer great value for money, providing powerful and accurate audio performance. They are designed to provide deep, accurate bass with low distortion, and they are built to last, featuring high-quality components and durable construction.

Major Variants of The Memphis Subs

Car Audio Subwoofers

Memphis car audio subwoofers are constructed with high-grade materials and feature specialized designs that provide superior sound quality.

Here are some example subs in this category:

  • MJMECHEV8D1 dual 8″ MOJO Mini subwoofers
  • MJMEFORD8D1 dual 8″ MOJO Mini subwoofers
  • MJME19RAM8D1 dual 8″ MOJO Mini subwoofers

Marine Audio Subwoofers

Memphis marine audio subwoofers feature an IP65-rated waterproof coating and are built with a robust, corrosion-resistant aluminum basket and grille. The subwoofers are designed to provide deep, accurate bass with minimal distortion.

Some options here include:

  • Memphis MMJ824 600W RMS 8″, 2 or 4-Ohms, 600W RMS.
  • Memphis MME10TSP 400W RMS Marine 10″ Amplified Dual Passive Enclosure
  • Memphis Audio MME10T24 Loaded Triple 10″, 2 Ohm / 4 Ohm, 300W RMS.

Powersports Audio Subwoofers

Powersports audio subwoofers are designed for use in off-road vehicles and other recreational vehicles. Memphis Powersports audio subwoofers feature rugged construction, waterproof enclosures, and specialized designs that provide superior sound quality in harsh environments.

The subwoofers feature powerful, high-efficiency Class D amplifiers and durable, low-resonance, injection-molded baskets that are designed to provide superior performance, sound clarity, and bass response.

Some great examples under this category are:

  • Memphis Audio MXA12D4 12″ Dual 4 Ohm MXA Series Subwoofer
  • Memphis Audio MXA10D4 10″ Dual 4 Ohm MXA Series Subwoofer

Are Memphis Speakers Good?

Memphis speakers are known for their solid construction and powerful sound. The 10, 12, and 15-inch models can handle up to 300 watts of power, and the 6.5 and 8-inch models can handle 150 and 200 watts, respectively.

The cones are constructed with treated paper and a polypropylene dust cap, ensuring a warm sound and lasting durability. The woofer cone is also double-stitched to a butyl rubber surround to prevent coming apart.

Additionally, the removable rubber boot covering the magnet adds durability and style and prevents scratches while installing. The Direct Voice Coil Cooling technology ensures that the voice coil is kept cool to maintain a quality bass. All these features make Memphis speakers an excellent choice for a powerful, durable sound.

How do Memphis Subwoofers Compare to Other Brands?

Memphis Subwoofers are well-known for their powerful and reliable bass performance. They have been in the subwoofer business for over 30 years, and their products are designed to deliver rich, accurate sound with minimal distortion.

Compared to JBL and Pioneer, Memphis Subwoofers are more affordable yet still offer great performance. They are also known for their slim and slim-lined designs, which make them ideal for tight spaces.

When compared to Kicker, Memphis Subwoofers offer a slightly better balance between quality and affordability, making them a great option for those looking for a quality subwoofer without breaking the bank.


Q: Is It Difficult to Install Memphis Car Audio Myself?

A: Installing a Memphis Car Audio system can be difficult, depending on your level of experience and the system’s complexity. If you are unfamiliar with car audio installation, it is probably best to have the system professionally installed. If you decide to install the system yourself, read the instruction manual carefully and follow the instructions step-by-step.

Q: What Type of Amplifier Should I Use with A Memphis Subwoofer?

A: The type of amplifier you should use with a Memphis subwoofer depends on the power and impedance of the subwoofer. Generally, a mono amplifier with a power range between 250 and 500 watts is recommended.

Q: What Is the Best Way to Get The Best Sound From A Memphis Subwoofer?

A: The best way to get the best sound from a Memphis subwoofer is to ensure that it is properly installed and that it is paired with an amplifier capable of providing the necessary power. Furthermore, proper speaker placement and tuning can also help maximize the subwoofer’s sound output.

Q: What Size of The Memphis Subwoofer Should I Buy?

A: The size of the Memphis subwoofer you should buy will depend on the size of the space you have available for the subwoofer and the type of sound output you are looking for. A larger driver size will typically provide more powerful bass output, while a smaller driver size may be more suitable for smaller spaces.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Memphis subwoofers offer quality sound, reliable performance, and a wide range of features for a great price.

Memphis is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable, high-quality subwoofer. With their impressive sound, long-lasting durability, and reasonable price, Memphis subwoofers are an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their audio system.