How to Hide Subwoofer in Living Room (Everything Explained)

As it appears, it is necessary to have a subwoofer to get surround sound in your living room. The improved sound quality contributes to your TV or movie-watching experience. Like other equipment in your home, subwoofers don’t impact the design of your living room.

Still, there are several ways to hide a subwoofer. The best part is that your guests won’t notice the same until it’s movie time. With some intuitive tricks, you can hide the subwoofer in a way that won’t take up your valuable space.

So, how to hide subwoofer in living room? Read on to find out satisfying audio quality while keeping the subwoofer out of sight.

How to Hide Subwoofer in Living Room

Intuitive Ways to Hide Subwoofer in Your Living Room

There are several places in your living room where you can hide a subwoofer. Below listed are some ways to hide subwoofer in living room while adding stealthy bass to the audio system.

1. You Can Hide It Inside the Cabinet

A simple way to conceal your subwoofer in your living room is to place it in the cabinets. A cabinet with a vacant chamber or bench can be the best place to keep the subwoofer.

If the space required is a bit small, you can design a chamber to house your sub and keep it out of view. Keep in mind that the right side of the cabinet to hide the subwoofer doesn’t have to be bigger than the subwoofer itself.

It will help in preserving audio quality while preventing unwanted resonances. However, if the chamber is a bit larger for the subwoofer, consider stuffing materials all around the sub to decrease resonance.

2. In-Ceiling Placements Are Another Good Choice

Hiding the subwoofer under the ceiling is another good way to conceal it in your living room. This is an effective and excellent technique to conceal the subwoofer if there are other speakers in the ceiling.

The bass signals to other speakers results in an impressive sound experience. This is an amazing idea because other speakers of your surround sound system are hidden in the ceiling as well.

The subwoofer’s bass interacts with other channels of the audio system and produces a cohesive effect. Some people fear that putting the sub in the ceiling will impact the bass quality. But it is not true. Wherever you place the subwoofer, you will have the same listening experience.

3. You Can Tuck It Under the Furniture

Bookshelves, coffee tables, or even couches are suitable places to hide subwoofers. These solutions allow for a great covert installation.

They help you take advantage of the space around the furniture. Placing the subwoofer under furniture will soften the excessive bass that can hamper the acoustic line.

Apart from the benefits of keeping the subwoofer out of sight, tucking it under the furniture could be the ultimate solution to handle overwhelming bass.

That way, you can reduce the volume level while retaining great tactile response. You can experience high-quality sound without waking other family members or disturbing your neighbors.

With technological advancements, you can get subwoofers that are quite smaller than the older versions you find around. As a result, you can conceal them beneath furnishings. Moreover, you can place the sub behind the tabletops, bookcases, or nook end tables.

When it comes to hiding subwoofer in living room, opting for this method will help attractively conceal your sub. Besides, the method will compress the noise and you don’t have to worry about upsetting your family members or neighbors.

4. You Can Use the Walls, Too

You can conceal your subwoofer by placing it on the wall of your living room. However, you have to spend a small amount of money to make the place suitable for the sub to install. Because subs produce sounds with low frequency, they will shake the walls.

Sometimes, they can cause damage to the walls and you have to spend on costly repairs. If you are least bothered to make your walls stronger so that it holds the sub properly, you can mount the same on your living room wall.

As said, a powerful subwoofer will shake the wall and may cause major destruction. Therefore, you should buy a subwoofer that will reduce the impulses that make the walls vibrate.

But the good news is that you can find subwoofers with an anti-shake mechanism. The innovation will help preserve the quality of sound while making the living room look and feel great.

5. Place the Subwoofer Behind the Curtains

It is possible to hide a subwoofer beneath the curtains so that it remains invisible. When you plan to keep the subwoofer on the floor, you need floor-length curtains to keep it concealed.

But if you don’t have floor-length curtains in your living room or if the area doesn’t have a window, you may consider buying draping cloth panels on the wall to hide it. In addition, it will add an aesthetic look to your living room.

6. Hide the Sub on The Floor

When you can hide the subwoofer on the floor, your guests won’t find out where the sound comes from. This method works wonders if your home is right above the basement or crawl space.

As such, it allows you to mount the sub between floor joists. You can opt for this method if your home is built beyond a subfloor or a cellar. You can mount the subwoofer between wooden beams.

7. Create A False Wall to Conceal the Subwoofer

Sometimes, creating a fake wall to hide subwoofer in your living room is a good idea. Simply, make a wall in the front of the room and put the sub there.

Although making a false wall to hide the sub is one of the best solutions, you have to spend a considerable amount of money.

Creating a wall will cost you. Besides, you have to make the wall with sound-friendly materials and fabric. That way, it will conceal the sub the right way while adding a decorative element to the area.

Also, remember that the space is compatible with a variety of subwoofer sizes. With added space on the wall, you can even display decorative items with ease. The only catch to this solution is that it may impact your home structure.

The solution may attract a repair process and incur a definite amount of money if you no longer wish to use the false wall to hide the subwoofer or keep other items.

Therefore, be sure that you are going to use the technique to hide the subwoofer. Consider the factor before installing the false wall to avoid disappointment later.

8. Use Indoor Plants to Conceal Subs

These days, almost every house has small plants or trees inside their living rooms. As such, it could be another best place to hide the subwoofer all the time. This provides the subwoofer with beautiful and natural concealment.

It will depend on the size of the plant pots where you are thinking about hiding the subwoofer. Also, you need to water the plants. Hence, maintain some space between the sub and the pot so that the water doesn’t damage the sub.


By following this post, hiding the subwoofer in the living room becomes an easy task. All the positions mentioned above are great options.

But it will depend on the sub’s size and available space that you think is most suitable. Whatever technique suits your needs, remember that the subwoofer is ventilated properly to avoid overheating.