How to Mount Amp to Back Seat (Easy Steps)

If you are a die-hard fan of music, you would love to have a good sound system in your car. To get the perfect sound you will need to mount an amplifier in your car. That way, you can achieve the perfection you desired for. A car amp gives you a soothing sound experience with less distortion.

Although there are several options to mount an amp, the most preferred place is the back seat. But, how to mount amp to back seat? Mounting the amp under the seat can be done in simple steps. Remove the back seat, install a wooden plank, mount the amp on it, and connect the wires.

How to Mount Amp to Back Seat

Why Is It A Good Option to Mount an Amp to The Back Seat?

To begin with, mounting an amp under the back seat of a car is a good option for many people. If you like to keep the interior of their car uncluttered and clean, it’s a great place to mount the amp. The location is safer than others if you are more concerned about vandalism or theft.

Besides, it is easier to run the speaker and power wires from this location to the amp compared to other locations. That’s because you will have only one side of the car instead of the rear or the front part of the car. Moreover, if the amp is for bass, the best place to mount is in the back seat.

This is due to their long shape. However, the only concern about mounting amp to back seat is to ensure that they don’t get heated quickly due to obstacles. So, make sure that the place has a lot of ventilation.

Easy Steps to Mount Amp to The Back Seat

Car amplifier mount to back seat of your car is easy. Just follow the step-by-step instructions and you are good to go. Keep the instructions manual close at hand when mounting the amp.

1. Know the Dimension of The Amp

Measuring the car amp is the first step to getting started. You have to ensure that the amp you wish to mount fits under the seat effortlessly. To get the dimensions of the amp, you need to use a measuring tape or a scale. That way, you can get the height, width, and length of the amp.

2. Ensure That Your Car Has Space

Getting to know about the dimensions of your car is another important step. If you don’t have proper space in your car, especially in the back seat, the amp won’t fit in. To avoid confusion later when installing the amp, have a rough measurement of the space at the back seat before buying the amp.

3. Remove the Back Seat

Next, you have to remove the back seat and start the mounting process. Take caution when dealing with screws and related stuff. Never rush into things. Rather, have patience, stay calm, and work with persistence. Take out all the screws and lift the seat to take it out.

Now that you have got the space, you need to mount the amp the right way. Keep in mind that some car seats will have a sliding mechanism. If so, you don’t have to worry about the screws. The seat arrangement depends on the car you are using.

4. Make an Amp Rack

Keep in mind not to drill holes into the car floor directly. This is an important thing that you shouldn’t forget. Because the car floor consists of pipes and wires, you can’t risk damaging them. In that case, building an amp rack with wood is a good solution.

  • Take a cardboard sheet and put the amp on it to draw a borderline.
  • Cut the excess part of the cardboard using an electric saw.
  • Try adjusting the cardboard to the desired place under the seat.
  • If it’s a perfect fit, take a wooden plank and draw the same borderline on it.
  • Drill holes in the spaces. Later, you have to use screws to tighten them up to achieve the perfect grip.
  • Use silicon on the plank as a coating to protect it from water.
  • After that, put the amp on the wooden plank. Make the wires pass through the holes to see if they are working or not.

5. Install the Amp Rack

Now you have to install the rack under the back seat. It is good to put the rack in this place so that it saves the plank from dust and dampness. As such, the carpet makes a good option. Make holes in the carpet and mount the amp on the rack.

6. Proceed with The Wiring

Connect the amp with the battery and speakers. Be careful to put the wires in the right place.

  • Take the positive wire of the battery and connect it to the port labeled as +12 on the amp.
  • Take one end of the earth wire and connect it to the metal chassis. Connect the other end of the wire to the amp.
  • Take out the blue wire and connect one end to the radio and the other end to the amp.
  • Connect the negative terminal of the battery and the subs to the amp.

Keep in your mind to connect the earth wire to the car’s base to avoid any kind of electrical issues that you may face later. When you join all the wires, it is good to test the device. That way, you can find out if everything is working fine.

7. Wrapping Up Things

When you are sure that you have done things the right way, you need to wrap up things. Take the back seat and put it back in its original place. Be careful when mounting the seat so that the amp setup remains undisturbed.

Screw the seat so that it becomes tight like before or slide them back to their original position. This marks the end of a successful car amplifier mount. You can now experience music as you desired.

Tools Required for The Purpose

  • Drill
  • Wirecutter
  • Screwdriver
  • Rubber eyelets
  • Ground or power wires
  • Socket wrench

Safety Measures to Follow When Mounting the Amp to The Back Seat

When it comes to mounting amp to back seat, you should follow certain safety measures to avoid problems such as causing yourself injury or damaging the car.

  • Wear protective gloves
  • Remove the back seat with caution
  • Never drill holes in your car
  • Check the battery
  • Ensure the area is well-ventilated
  • Double-check whether or not the speakers match the amp
  • Make sure the area is free from dirt, dust, and wetness
  • Don’t mix the power cables with the speaker cables
  • Connect the earth wire carefully
  • Seek help from a mechanic if you aren’t sure about undertaking the task

Why You Should Mount Amp to The Back Seat?

  • Ease of access
  • More cooling
  • Saves space
  • Maximum protection
  • The short patch cables reduce distortion and noise
  • Not too far away from the receiver


Mounting amp to back seat of your car is a great idea. Not only does it help you save a considerable amount of space but also it allows the amp to perform best to its abilities. Therefore, follow the steps mentioned above and use the required tools you need during the procedure.

With patience and careful work, your car amplifier mount procedure on the back seat will be a success. However, before installing make sure that the back seat has enough ventilation underneath so that the amp doesn’t get overheated.