Are SKAR Subwoofers Good? (Technical Guide)

If you are looking for a high-quality car subwoofer, then you may have come across SKAR Audio. This is primarily because SKAR has found a top spot as one of the best-rated modern audio brands when it comes to car subwoofers.

But are SKAR subwoofers any good?

SKAR subwoofers are some of the best-performing car subwoofers on the market and also some of the most affordable. They are perfect for both beginner and serious audiophiles.

From our research, we have only found good things about SKAR.

Going by reviews alone, SKAR subwoofers have met the expectations of their target market– car audio enthusiasts.

On SKAR Audio’s official website, they have claimed to receive 32,218 five-star ratings out of 34,033 total which equates to almost 95%. On Trust pilot, SKAR Audio has received 85% 5-star reviews.

In this post, we’ll discuss why SKAR subwoofers are considered a good deal, especially for people looking for an entry daily system or those who want to build an SPL vehicle.

Are SKAR Subwoofers Good

How Good Are SKAR Audio Subwoofers?

1. Sound Quality

SKAR subwoofers deliver on the promise of delivering raw, high-quality, loud sound.

The articulation is decent, making it easy to hear the details in the music.

Some users even say that SKAR subs sound better than other brands which cost more.

2. Bass

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of having a SKAR subwoofer bass in your car.

It’s not too overwhelming or overpowering, but it’s still satisfyingly deep and low.

3. Cost

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get great car sound quality.

SKAR offers a wide range of subwoofers to suit any budget.

Their subs are also cost-friendlier than close competitors like Kickers and Sundown.

4. Build Quality

SKAR subwoofer build quality is outstanding.

The subwoofers are made with high-quality materials and look luxurious. In fact, they are one of the most physically appealing subwoofers you can find.

Something most users also find appealing about SKAR subs is their stamped steel basket cooling structural design that enables advanced airflow to help dissipate heat and optimize performance.

5. Coil & Cone Material and Configuration

Most SKAR subwoofers have a pure copper voice coil that can withstand high temperatures and a premium strength paper cone, stitched to a high-roll foam surround for versatility.

Common coil configurations for SKAR subwoofers are dual 2 ohm and dual 4 ohm.

6. Drivers Quality

SKAR drivers are primarily high flux and double-stack ferrite motors that provide excellent performance.

The SKAR subwoofer user community, however, recommends you know and operate within your driver’s limits to avoid blowing it up.

7. Durability

SKAR audio subwoofers are designed for durability and long-term performance.

The subs are made with high-quality materials and construction methods that make them resistant to damage from everyday use.

8. Ease of Wiring

SKAR subwoofers come with everything you need to hook them up, and they even offer subwoofer wiring diagrams [] on their website.

You can also find helpful wiring tutorials on their YouTube channel [] .

SKAR Subwoofer Types and What They Offer

1. IX Series (400W)

The IX series makes for great entry-level subwoofers.

They are designed to be efficient and reliable while sounding awesome.

Our Recommendation: IX-10 D2

Cost- $54.99

Sensitivity- 86.2dB

Peak power- 400W

RMS power- 200W

2. VD Series (800W)

If you’re looking for some great under-seat subwoofers, the SKAR VD series is a great option.

These subwoofers are designed for use in applications where mounting depth is limited or a shallow footprint is needed.

Our Recommendation: VD-10 D2 is a 10-inch, dual 2-ohm

Cost- $94.99

Sensitivity- 85.2 dB

RMS Power- 500 Watts

Peak Power- 800 Watts

3. SDR Series (1200W)

With an impressive 1200 watts of peak power and an exceptional low-frequency response of about 30 Hz, the SDR series is sure to give you the bass you’ve been looking for.

In addition to their impressive power, the SDR series subs are also designed for superior acoustic responsiveness.

Our Recommendation: SDR-12 D2

Cost- $104.99

Sensitivity- 84.7 dB

RMS Power- 600 Watts

Peak Power- 1200 Watts

4. SVR Series (1600W)

These compact subwoofers pack a serious punch, and are perfect for anyone who wants to add some serious bass to their music.

Just combine a couple of SVR subs and you’ll have a car audio system that slams.

Our Recommendation: SVR-12 12-inch dual 2 ohm car subwoofer

Cost- $149.99

Sensitivity- 86.1 dB

RMS Power- 800 Watts

Peak Power- 1600 Watts

5. DDX Series (1500W)

The DDX series was designed to meet the needs of customers who wanted a SPL grade woofer that could also be utilized in daily system applications.

With its unique design and exceptional engineering, the DDX series is able to deliver the power and performance that customers demand.

Our Recommendation: DDX-15 D2 15-inch, dual 2-ohm, car subwoofer

Cost- $199.99

Sensitivity- 90.6 dB

RMS Power- 1000 Watts

Peak Power- 1500 Watts

6. EVL Series (2500W)

These subwoofers are conservatively rated, meaning they pack a serious punch without sacrificing sound quality or performance.

And users love them – they’re some of the most highly rated SKAR subwoofers for value for money.

Our Recommendation: EVL-18 D2

Cost- $329.99

Sensitivity- 88.0 dB

RMS Power- 1250 Watts

Peak Power- 2500 Watts

7. VXF Series (3000W)

The SKAR VXF series is a line of car audio speakers that are designed for power handling and performance.

These speakers are able to deliver a perfect combination of sound quality and SPL, making them perfect for any car audio enthusiast.

Recommended: VXF-12 D2

Cost- $319.99

Sensitivity- 87.1 dB

RMS Power- 1500 Watts

Peak Power- 3000 Watts

8. ZVX Series (3200W)

The SKAR ZVX series is the ultimate powerhouse when it comes to hard-hitting bass, and unrelenting performance subwoofers.

With their unrivaled output power, the SKAR ZVX series subs offer the highest level of reliability.

Our Recommendation: ZVX-15v2

Cost- $419.99

Sensitivity- 86.3 dB

RMS Power- 1500 Watts

Peak Power- 3000 Watts

SKAR Subwoofer Enclosures

Subwoofers’ sound quality is affected by the environment they are in. SKAR offers amazing subwoofer enclosures that give that extra performance push for your subs.

You can get their empty subwoofer enclosures (8″10″12″15″18″) or their loaded enclosures for the SDR, SVR, and EVL series.

They also have vehicle-specific subwoofer enclosures for Dodge and Chevrolet.

And the price for the enclosures is affordable too! A single 10″ loaded subwoofer enclosure (Dodge Charger fit) costs $329.99.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who Makes SKAR Subwoofers?

SKAR subwoofers are made by SKAR Audio, a company started by Kevin Schlenker in 2010. SKAR audio is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Q: Does SKAR Audio Offer Warranty And Refunds?

SKAR Audio products come backed by a two-year, hassle-free warranty. They also offer full refunds within 30 days of the original purchase date.

Q: How Is SKAR Customer Support?

In addition to premium audio products, SKAR is known for their excellent customer support. Just visit if you have any questions about orders, shipping, warranty, and refunds.

Q: What is the best SKAR subwoofer?

We recommend the EVLs if you’re looking for conservatively rated subwoofers with unmatched value and exceptional performance.

You can go with the ZVXs if you’d like a hard-hitting subwoofer that is not limited when it comes to power rating.

That said, choosing the best SKAR subwoofer ultimately boils down to your budget and amp capacity.

Q: What Brand Of Speakers Can You Combine With SKAR Subwoofers?

If you’re looking for front and rear speakers to couple up with your SKAR sub, your best bet is simply SKAR Audio speakers.

However, there are other speaker brands such as Pioneer that go well with SKAR subs.

Are SKAR Subs Good? Final thoughts?

SKAR puts out very good subs.

The sound quality is great, and the subs are very durable. The price is very affordable compared to competition and the design is exceptional. It’s only fair to say that there’s a lot of workmanship that goes into each SKAR sub.

Overall, you’ll be impressed with SKAR Audio and their products. So, if you’re in the market for car audio products, we highly recommend checking them out.

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