How to Clean Airpods Speaker Mesh (Helpful Tips)

Most of us don’t clean our AirPods as often as we should. I mean, they’re so tiny, and it’s not like they get that dirty, right? WRONG.

It turns out that if you don’t clean your AirPods regularly, all of that dirt and dust can get caught in the mesh speaker on the back of the earbuds, which can significantly impact sound quality. Not to mention, it just looks somewhat gross.

Luckily, cleaning the mesh speaker is actually a pretty easy process.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss methods to clean your AirPods speaker mesh so that they continue to sound great and look good too.

How to Clean Airpods Speaker Mesh

How to Clean AirPods Speaker Mesh?

A dirty AirPods speaker mesh can lead to your AirPods not working correctly. Here’s how to clean your AirPods’ speaker mesh in 3 methods:

Method 1: Using a Dry Lint-Free Cloth

  • Turn your AirPods off by holding the power button for a few seconds.
  • Gently wipe the mesh with a dry, lint-free cloth.
  • Reinsert the AirPods into the charging case.
  • Hold the power button for a few seconds to turn them back on.

Method 2: Using a Dry Cotton Swab

  • Turn the AirPods off.
  • Gently wipe the speaker mesh in a circular motion.
  • Clean the inside of the mesh with the dry cotton swab.
  • Reinsert AirPods into your ears and turn them on.

Method 3: Using a Soft-Bristled Brush

  • Remove the AirPods from your ears and turn them off.
  • Hold them so the mesh is facing down.
  • Gently brush the mesh with a soft-bristled brush in a circular motion.
  • Be sure to get into all the nooks and crannies of the mesh but be gentle.
  • Turn the AirPods back on and test if the sound quality improves.

Is It Safe To Use Airpods Without The Mesh?

Apple’s AirPods have been a huge hit, but there’s one issue that many people are having with them: the mesh. The mesh is designed to keep the earbuds’ internal components from getting damaged, but the component can really be a nuisance when dirt accumulates.

Some people have been wondering if it’s safe to use AirPods without the mesh.

The answer is yes, it’s safe to use them without the mesh. You just need to be a little careful with the AirPods, as there’ll be nothing to protect the inner components.

How Do You Remove Metal Mesh From Airpods?

  1. The first thing you’ll want to do is remove the AirPods from their case.
  2. Look for the little mesh cover on the back of the AirPods. This is the part that covers the speaker.
  3. Gently pry open the mesh cover with a fingernail or a butter knife.
  4. Carefully remove the metal mesh from the speaker.
  5. Clean the mesh cover and speaker, then put it back if needed.

Why Do My Airpods Have So Much Earwax?

Earwax is one of those things that most people don’t think about until there’s a problem. And even then, it’s not exactly something people want to think about. But earwax is actually a very important part of your ears’ defense system.

Earwax is a naturally occurring substance that helps protect the ear canal from bacteria, fungus, and other things that can cause infection or irritation.

However, overproduction and buildup of earwax can impair the operation of your in-ear devices. AirPods sit perfectly in the ear and make contact with the ear canal. This can trigger a contact stimulus that, in turn, causes your body to overproduce ear wax in an attempt to protect your ear canal.

This extra earwax eventually collects on the AirPods and is quite annoying as it gets in the way of sound from your AirPods.

How Do You Get Earwax Out Of Airpods Mesh?

For most people, earwax buildup is a minor annoyance. However, for some people, excessive earwax can be a problem.

If you are one of those people and you have an AirPods, then you may be wondering how to get the wax out of the mesh on the inside of the earpieces. Well, there are 3 ways to do this.

  • The most common is using a lint-free cloth. Make sure the cloth is dry and clean. Gently wipe the mesh until the wax is removed.
  • If the wax is stubborn and won’t come off with a cloth, try using a dry cotton swab. Be very careful not to push the wax further into the mesh.
  • If that doesn’t work, you can try using a soft, dry bristled brush. Again, be careful not to push the wax further into the mesh.

How Do You Clean A Clogged Airpod Speaker?

What do you do when the tiny speaker in one of the AirPods becomes clogged?

Here are six steps to clean a clogged AirPod speaker:

  1. Turn off your AirPods and disconnect them from your device.
  2. Gently clean the speaker meshed with a dry cotton swab.
  3. Move the cotton around the AirPod speakers, being careful not to push any wax deeper into the speaker.
  4. If needed, use a soft, clean, and dry bristled brush to remove any debris from around the speaker.
  5. Blow out any remaining wax or debris from inside the speaker with a can of compressed air.
  6. Connect the AirPods with your device and test if there’s any change in the sound.

How Do I Fix Low Airpod Sound?

If you are experiencing low sound on your AirPods, there are 6 things you can do to try and fix the issue:

  1. Charge your AirPods
  • Ensure that the case is charged
  • Insert the AirPods into the charger case and allow them to charge for some minutes
  • Place the charger case near your device and open it.
  • Confirm on your device that the AirPods are charging

If this doesn’t help solve the low AirPod sound problem, try the hacks below:

  1. Turn up the volume on your device.
  2. Turn off low power mode on your iPhone as this can cause low AirPod sound.
  3. Turn off any active Equalizer settings on your device as they can also cause low AirPods volume.
  4. Clean debris on the speaker mesh of the Airpods following the steps discussed earlier.
  5. Adjust ‘Balance’ following the steps below:
  • Go to Settings on your device
  • Navigate to Accessibility
  • Click Audio/Visual
  • Tap on Balance
  • Set the Balance slider to the middle

If your AirPods are not defective, any of these six hacks should solve the low sound issue.

The Bottom Line

The Airpods are a great way to listen to music, but they need to be kept clean to perform optimally. The Airpod speaker mesh can become clogged and covered in dirt and dust over time.

This can not only affect the quality of your listening experience, but it can also lead to the speakers becoming damaged.

This blog post outlined a few simple steps you can take to clean the speaker mesh on your Airpods. However, simply reading about it is not enough. You need to take action and clean your AirPods speaker mesh yourself!

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