How to Connect Wired Speakers to Phone (Easy Guide)

Would you like to have high-quality sound when playing music from your phone? If so, you may want to consider connecting external wired speakers to your device.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you step-by-step through the process of connecting your wired speakers to your phone.

With our help, you’ll be listening to your favorite tunes with improved sound quality in no time!

Connect Wired Speakers to Phone

How to Connect Wired Speakers to Phone

Below, we’ll discuss two easy and working ways to hook up wired speakers to your phone– using an Aux jack and Aux with amplifier.

Use an AUX jack

If your wired speakers have a 3.5mm input, you can connect them directly to your phone’s headphone jack.

To do this, just insert the 3.5mm end from the speakers into the headphone jack on your phone.

If you’re dealing with black and red speaker wires, you’ll need to hook up an Aux end to connect them to your phone.

To connect your black and red speaker wires to your aux cable, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Get the black and red speaker wires from your speakers and your spare Aux cable.
  2. Cut one end of the aux cable. There will be two exposed metal wires.
  3. Strip the ends of the black and red speaker wires.
  4. Use a pair of pliers to carefully twist the black speaker wire around one of the exposed metal wires on the aux cable.
  5. Do the same thing with the red speaker wire.
  6. Once both wires are secured, you can plug the aux end into your phone’s headphone jack and play your audio.

Send Aux Out to an Amplifier

The better option to connect your wired speakers to your phone is to send Aux audio output from your phone to an amplifier and then to the speakers. This will ensure that the audio signal is not compromised and that you get a boost of the audio signal from your phone.

It’s first important to note that not all amplifiers are created equal. Some amplifiers are designed for home theater systems, while others are better suited for car stereos.

Please read the amplifier’s specifications before buying it to ensure it will work with your speakers. The most appropriate amplifier for this role will have an Aux input for the aux cable from your phone and RCA output or connectors for the speaker wires.

Once you have the right amplifier, simply connect it to your phone and speakers using the appropriate cables. Then, turn on the amplifier and adjust the volume to your liking.

You should now be able to enjoy your music or audio files from your phone through your wired speakers.

How do I Connect Two Sets of Independently Powered Speakers to One Phone?

If you have two sets of speakers that are each powered independently, you can use a Y aux splitter to connect them both to your phone. This way, you can control the volume of each set of speakers independently.

To do this, first, connect one end of the Y aux splitter to your phone. Then, connect each set of speakers to a different port on the splitter. Once everything is connected, you should be able to play your phone’s audio on both speakers.

Y Aux splitters are an easy find, not to mention that they’re inexpensive. There is only one downside to using a Y Aux splitter: it might lower the overall sound quality as the audio signal from the phone loses some power when split.

However, this is usually not a major issue, and most people will not notice a significant difference in sound quality.

Can I Connect Phone to USB Speaker?

No, most phones can’t connect to USB speakers. USB speakers are designed to work with computers, not phones. However, you can use a USB to micro USB adapter to connect your phone to a USB speaker.

That said, though, you can use a Bluetooth adapter with a USB port to connect a phone to a USB speaker wirelessly.

Can I Turn Wired Speakers into Wireless?

Turn Wired Speakers into Wireless

If you have a pair of wired speakers that you love but want to use wirelessly, there are two common ways you can make them wireless.

One option is to use a Bluetooth adapter, which will allow you to connect your speakers to a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Another option is to use a Bluetooth transmitter, which will enable your speakers to receive a signal from a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Which option you choose will depend on your specific needs, but both options are relatively easy to set up and use. You’ll just need to hook up your wired speakers to either of these devices via Aux or RCA ports and then pair with your Bluetooth-enabled device.

With a Bluetooth adapter or transmitter, you can enjoy the convenience of wireless audio without having to replace your existing speakers.

Why are my Wired Speakers not working on my Phone?

If you’re having trouble connecting your wired speakers to your phone, there are a few possible explanations.

First, check to ensure the speakers are properly plugged into the phone. If the connection is loose, it may be causing the speakers to not work.

Alternatively, the speaker wire may be damaged. Try replacing the speaker wire if you see any frayed or broken cables.

Finally, it’s possible that the speakers themselves are not working. If this is the case, you may need to purchase new speakers.

Tips for optimizing the Sound Quality of Wired Speakers Connected to Phone

If you’re using wired speakers with your phone, there are a few things you can do to optimize the sound quality:

  1. Use a high-quality audio cable. This is one of the most essential factors in getting excellent sound quality from your speakers. Make sure to use a cable that is designed for audio and not just a generic one.
  2. Use an amplifier. If you really want to get the best sound quality from your speakers, using an amplifier is a great way to do it. Amplifiers can help to boost the signal and make the sound clearer and more powerful.
  3. Use the correct settings on your phone. Most phones have several different settings that can affect how sound is produced from your speakers. You can alter these settings accordingly, but at least ensure that the volume is turned up all the way.
  4. Connect the adapter properly. If you’re using an adapter, ensure it’s properly plugged into both the speaker and the phone.

By following these simple tips, you can be sure you’re getting the best sound quality possible from your wired speakers.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to improve your audio experience, you may be wondering how to connect wired speakers to your phone. The good news is, it’s easy!

You just need to follow the steps in this blog post to either connect the speakers directly with an Aux cable or have an amplifier between the phone and the speakers.

If none of these tricks work for you, there’s an option to turn your speakers to wireless and still enjoy better audio from your phone. So go ahead and connect your speakers to your phone, and enjoy your favorite music with enhanced audio quality.

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