How to Make Car Speakers Louder (Step by Step Guide)

Playing music inside your car is one of the most enjoyable moments you can experience when driving. However, some speakers produce low-quality sounds that can limit you from enjoying music inside your car.

Such speakers may be unable to play low-frequency music due to their low volume capacity. The low-quality sounds in most cars result from the manufacturer’s sound system design outlook.

In this write-up, we focus on how you can improve the sound quality and make the car’s speakers louder.

How to Make Car Speakers Louder

How to Make My Car Speakers Louder

You can use many ways to upgrade your car’s audio system without running at a high cost. These tips will make you listen to your music comfortably when driving at any desired speed.

In addition, most of them will provide you with options of increasing the bass, volume, and treble of the sound to your desire.

In this write-up, we have provided some of the best ricks and upgrades you can follow and apply to upgrade the sound quality of your car. These tricks include;

1. Turn up The Volume on the Car Stereo

In most cases, you may find yourself lowering your sound accidentally. This occurs when you accidentally tamper with the speaker’s control system. For this reason, you will have to increase the volume for the speaker to regain its optimum sound.

2. Use an Amplifier

Most speakers come with amplifiers of poor quality; this makes them produce less sound when you use them. You can improve this sound capacity by adding an amplifier to the car. The amplifier will add more power to the speaker, making the speakers return to life.

In addition, adding an amplifier to your speaker will give you more control of the type of sound you want your speaker to produce, apart from making it louder. For instance, you can increase the base of the sound produced by the speaker.

You can also treble the sound using the amplifier, therefore giving you full control over yours. This makes the amplifier the best in improving the car music details and how to control them.

However, when connecting amplifiers to your car speakers, you must use cables or wires with high quality

3. Use an Equalizer to Boost the Bass and the Treble

When the speakers are playing inside the car, the sound produced by the speakers is usually raised by the car’s inner components to a significant level. These components include the glass, which reflects the produced sound, concentrating the sound inside the care.

Another component is the carpet which absorbs the sound. To raise this sound properly, you can get an equalizer and install it next to the amplifier to make the speaker sound louder. The equalizer will boost the sound by leveling the peaks of the sound frequency inside the car.

4. Install a Better Head Unit

Most cars come with low-powered stock head units and may not be perfect in producing good quality sound. You can create a new high-quality head unit for your vehicle to replace the low-powered one. This is also a trick that will significantly enhance the quality of your car’s sound system.

5. Install a Subwoofer

Installing a subwoofer in your car will offer you the cheapest way to have a loud sound. The subwoofer will provide high base sound and a sub-bass sound to the vehicle. They have a higher frequency than rangers, from 20 to 200 Hertz.

This makes them more powerful and hence will not need an external amplifier to produce a loud sound. Therefore, you will not need an amplifier when you have a subwoofer inside your car.

It will also make the low-frequency sounds become louder. It also gives you the option of increasing the bass, volume, and sub-bass of the sound to your desire.

6. Use a Sound Deadening Material to Reduce Vibrations

The car’s environment can be harsh and reduce the quality of the sound. These results mostly occur when you are driving at high speed. The car’s component vibrates a lot during this high speed, making a lot of noise.

However, when you install a sound deadening material, the material will dump the vibrations and the road noise produce hence reducing their interference with the sound.

In addition, the deadening material will offer a stable and comfortable platform to the speakers installed at the door of the car.

Therefore, when you have sound-deadening materials installed in your vehicle, you will be free to enjoy listening to loud sound music when driving your car at high speed.

7. Use a Better-Quality Speaker Wire

When you use better quality speaker wires, the wires will transmit more signals due to reduced resistance. The increased signal transmission it the wires, therefore, will lead to the production of clear sound.

This will make you list low-frequency music clearly while driving. Using a better-quality speaker wire also reduces impedance, which measures the resistance to the flow of electrical current carrying the audio signals.

8. Use a Higher Car Stereo

You can use the high car stereo of your car’s receiver to remove the low base produced from your full range car speakers. This will enable you to get a clean and clear volume from the speakers. In addition, using a high car stereo will help you raise the bass to match the music by lowering or raising the crossovers.

9. Use a Higher Quality Speaker

Some models of cars do come with poor-quality sound systems. This is because the manufacturers always overlook speakers when designing the vehicles.

However, this should not limit you from having a good sound system in a vehicle car. You can upgrade this sound system by installing a higher-quality speaker in your car to replace the low-quality ones.

10. Use a Sound System Specifically Designed For Car Audio

Sometimes, your car’s sound may be poor due to the speakers’ compatibility and the car’s designed audio system. In this case, the best way to improve the sound system is by installing the sound system specifically designed for your car’s audio system.


These tricks are aimed at helping you improve the sound quality of your car. When you apply these tricks perfectly to your care, you will no longer struggle listening to your favorite song no matter the speed you are driving at.

The tricks will permanently upgrade your car’s sound system, making your drive luxurious and enjoyable. Therefore, you must select the soundtrack from the list that perfectly suits you for use in your car at all times.

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