Why does my Bose Speaker Keep Disconnecting?

If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably had the frustrating experience of having your Bose speaker disconnect from your device for no reason.

Well, there may be a few possible explanations.

It could be due to a problem with the speaker’s software, or it could be because of an auto-turn-off feature malfunction. it’s also possible that your speaker is simply out of range in case of a Bluetooth connection.

Today, we’ll be discussing the reasons why your Bose speaker might keep disconnecting, as well as a few potential solutions.

Why does my Bose Speaker Keep Disconnecting

Is my Bose Speaker Faulty?

If your Bose speaker keeps disconnecting, the first thought you’ll probably have in mind is that the speaker is faulty. However, this is often not the case.

A faulty speaker wouldn’t work at all, so if yours is still playing audio intermittently or keeps disconnecting, it’s probably not defective.

If your Bose speaker stopped working, you should take it to an authorized Bose service center or contact Bose customer support.

But before you do that, here are a few tips on what to do if your Bose speaker stops working.

  • First, check the power supply and make sure the speaker is plugged in.
  • Then, check the connections and make sure everything is secure.
  • Finally, restart your Bose speaker and see if that fixes the issue.

Now let’s get back to the main question- why does my Bose speaker keep disconnecting? Keep reading to find out!

Why Does My Bose Speaker Keep Disconnecting?

Speaker Is Out Of Range

If your Bose speaker keeps disconnecting, it is likely the speaker is out of range. When the speaker is too far from the device, the Bluetooth weakens and eventually falls out.

Software Bug

Software bugs can cause all sorts of problems, and in this case, the bug can affect the Bluetooth connection and cause your Bose speaker to keep losing connection.

Unstable Internet Connection

When your Bose speaker loses its connection, it ‘anticipates’ that the quality of your listening experience will suffer. In response, and to avoid choppy audio, it disconnects itself.

Of course, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, your speaker just has a bad connection, and it disconnects.

Faulty Cable for a Wired Connection

The very thing that’s supposed to be delivering the sound to your speaker- for a wired connection- could be the reason why it keeps cutting out.

A loose speaker cable can cause the signal to drop out. Also, if damaged or frayed, the cable can also cause the signal to be interrupted.

Malfunctioning Auto Turn Off

Auto time off is supposed to conserve energy by turning the Bose speaker off when it’s not being used. Unfortunately, this feature often malfunctions, causing the speaker to disconnect even when it’s in use.

Multiple Connections

Your device can only handle one speaker connection. So, if you have your phone, tablet, or laptop connected to multiple speakers, it’s not surprising that it would start to disconnect from one or more of them.

Low Battery

When the battery is low, the Bose speaker’s Bluetooth signal becomes weaker, and can’t maintain a connection with your device.

How to Fix a Bose Speaker That Keeps Disconnecting

If your Bose speaker keeps disconnecting, don’t worry – there are a few things you can do to fix the problem:

1. Keep Speaker Within Range

Keep the Bose speaker within range (about 30 feet) of your Bluetooth device. This will help reduce the chances of the speaker losing its connection.

2. Check and Install Any Software Updates

Use the Bose connect the app to check and install updates for your speaker

3. Ensure a Stable Internet Connection

If you’re using a wireless connection, try moving your speaker closer to the router. If you’re using a wired connection, make sure the connection is secure and free of any breaks or damage.

4. Make Sure Your Bose Speaker Cable Is In Good Condition

If the cable is frayed or damaged, replace it. If the cable looks fine, try disconnecting it from the speaker and then reconnecting it.

5. Turn off Auto-Off Feature

Press and hold down the multifunction button and volume up button until you get a prompt that the auto off feature is disabled. Turn off the speaker, turn it back on and lastly reconnect.

6. Ensure Your Speaker Is Connected To a Single Device

Clear the list of paired devices on your smartphone or laptop and only connect to the Bose speaker.

7. Charge Your Speaker and the Connecting Device

Make sure that your Bose speaker is fully charged. If it’s not, charge it for at least two hours before trying to use it again.

8. Reset Your Bose Speaker

Turn on your Bose speaker then hold down the power button for 10 seconds. The speaker should reset then turn off, after which you can turn it on again and reconnect.

Preventing Future Issues with Your Bose Speaker

Here are five things you can do to prevent future disconnecting issues with your Bose speaker:

  1. Keep your speaker updated with the latest firmware.
  2. Make sure your speaker is within range of your device.
  3. Avoid using your speaker in areas with lots of interference.
  4. If you’re using a battery-powered speaker, make sure the batteries are fully charged.
  5. Make sure the speaker is turned off when you’re not using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Should I Do If My Bose Speaker Keeps Turning Off?

  • Check to make sure that the speaker is properly plugged into a power source.
  • If it’s plugged into an outlet, try plugging it into a different outlet to see if that makes a difference.
  • If the speaker is battery-powered, try replacing the batteries with fresh ones.
  • Check the connections between the speaker and any other devices. Make sure that the audio cable is plugged in securely and that there are no loose or damaged connections.
  • If you’re using a wireless speaker, try resetting the connection between the speaker and your device.

Q: Why Is My Bose Speaker Not Connecting To My Device?

First, check to make sure that your Bose speaker has been powered on and your device has been placed within range of the speaker. If both of these things are okay, then the next thing to try is resetting your Bose speaker.

Should you still have trouble, then the next thing to try is updating the firmware on your Bose speaker.

Q: I Connected My Bose Speaker, But It’s Not Playing Any Sound. What’s Wrong?

Check the volume levels on both the speaker and your audio source. If the volume is turned all the way down, you won’t be able to hear anything. Also, make sure that there’s nothing blocking the speaker’s ported cabinet. If the speaker is covered or blocked in any way, you won’t get any sound.

Q: Why Does My Bose Speaker Sound Bad When It’s Connected?

First, try restarting both your speaker and your device. If that doesn’t work, try deleting the Bluetooth connection and then re-pairing your device to the speaker.

If you’re still having trouble, it’s possible that the issue is with the audio file itself. If the file is low quality or has been compressed, it can cause the sound to become distorted. Try playing a different file or song to see if that fixes the issue.

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